Wednesday, May 28, 2008

August is looking good!

My hubby called today and said he got the go ahead for August. Now we just wait to see what time of August.. Still keep your fingers crossed because with the Army you never freaking know! But at least he got the go ahead from his higher ups! I am so excited because a lot has happened this month.. We all just need to see our hubbys again even if its just for a little bit. Let the countdown begin! Crunch time Baby! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well my hubby called today and his R&R might be pushed up to August.. YAY!!!!!! This month has by far been the worst month of this fucking deployment! Is it ever going to end? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Well my hubby should call tomorrow to let me know if we are looking at August or not! Cross your fingers please.. I will keep you guys updated to see what happens..

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Parents survival night and everything else (Jamie) !

Yesterday was kinda off to a rocky start. My mom went to Dr and her surgery that she will be having in June might take her longer to recover.She is having some kinda of surgery on her right arm.. At first they were saying 6 weeks and now it might be about 3 months. (Sucks) I picked up my brother from school and then I was headed off to best buy.. I bought a dvd camcorder. I had a 12% coupon for any 1 item. The camcorder came out to 300$ Hell of a deal I think. Girls we now have a camcorder to take video of our hubby's coming home!

Later on that night I dropped Kate off at flip school for a few hours and headed to Olive Garden with my friend Lillian. We got there and it started off to be pretty shitty but ended up being free. Well there was like a 15 min wait which not unusal for the restaurants around there being Friday night. So we decided to have a drink while we waited. I had this drink called Tiramisu! Delicious and so full of alcohol. We were seated and we just basically sat there. I was about to 1/4 left of my drink and still no waiter and no I will be right with you.. Oh I was pissed to say the least especially being a former waitress myself. So we decided to walk out and I didn't even bother to say how much do I owe for this drink. On the way out one of the managers say have a nice evening and I just snapped and told them how this was crap. I went on to explain what happened and she begged for us to stay and they wanted to take care of us. Of course we refused but the woman threatened to make a scene if we left.. She was very nice and crazy. Well they convinced us to stay. They offered to buy us our appetizer or entree and of course we refused. But they insisted. So since we were going to get one or the other for free we decided to have a few more drinks. I had a strawberry mango margarita and my Lillian had a chocalte kahula rich and creamy drink.(heaven). We had an appetizer ,salad , and we spilt an entree to be kinda of good. So at the end of the meal we ask for a tab and they said there is no tab. We were like huh? Yes the managers saw how angry I was and decided to compensate us for it. Awesome free meal and alcohol at Olive Garden. Can't beat that! Awesome parents survival night!

5/18-23 This week not to much happened. My hubby has called quite a bit lately and my bestfriend's hubby had a birthday on the 20th. Really difficult because our hubbys aren't here. Kate and I did a few more trips to the pool this week beacuse the weather has been so hot. Kate is actually quite the swimmer with assistance of course. I don't have pics because it is hard to take a picture of her in the pool when I am in there with her. But I will try to have some soon. Our usual trips to Chick-fil-a. She loves to play there. I also started reading P.S I Love you. I watched the movie and fell in love with it. So I went and got the book. The book is different from the movie but so far still good. I am on chapter 15. I mostly read when I take Kate to Chick-fil-a. I recommend that movie if you have not seen it. I had to go and buy it that is how much I love it.

5/11-17 That week was pretty hectic with mother's day and some other stuff that happened. I had a dr's appt on the 15th which is also my hubby's 6th year anniversary in the army. 6 Years!!! And a crappy raise yay!!!!! That day was also a very painful one. Some of you already know why! Kate had flip school and we just went to my mom's and back. Mother's day wasn't all that special with out my hubby here. My hubby wasn't able to send me anything as he was off his base most of the month. That day we went to my mom's for a nice meal and cake. My mom gave me an old navy gift card, bath and body works hand soap and Estee Lauder's perfume named Pleasures. My favorite perfume of all time besides Halo from Victoria's secret. Kate made me a picture with our family in it.. Very scary family at that. I sent that pic to my hubby.. It is her first time drawing a pic of us so I had to share it.

5/8-10 Thursday I got a box from Jamie. She knows me all to well. I was going througha lot of stress at the time. She sent me a lot of cleaning suff. (my favorite). Peckers lol! Numbing juice, My favorite drink white russians,a great bible study book, a humongous pen and magnet from the dole plantation. And the best idea ever the daddy doll but for our hubby's instead of our kids. Awesome I just wish I wasn't a fatass! The box made my week. She knows how to bring me back when I am about to hit bottom. Also I went grocery shopping. Which normally would be no big deal but his grocery store has a daycare while you shop. Best part is it is for FREE! Best thing ever!!! So I dropped her off ther and did some shopping.. The store is kinda of out of my way but for free daycare while you shop. Hell I will go out of my way anytime. I plan to go there every other week now that gas cost as much as my apt. LOL! Well you know what I mean.

4/30-5/7 Kate and I went to Arizona for the first time for a week. We went to visit my hubby's grandparents in Anthem. It was a blast well except for the phone call I got. But overall we had fun. We went to Sedona,Phoenix,Scottsdale and of course Anthem.

Here are few pics of Sedona! This is one of the first places we went ot see. I have never seen a place like that. So beautiful and so much open land like that. We spent the day sight seeing there. Kate loved it. The mountains are gorgeous. The mountains in Hawaii are green and these are red. (different) The chapel was so peaceful! I actually cried when I was in there.. Such a beautiful view from up there. You actually feel at the top of the world.

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The next day off to Aunt Barb's house in Scottsdale. We did a little bit of sight seeing there but not to much.. Mostly rich high rent district. We went to visit her mainly. First time meeting her. She is grandad's step sister. She is a very lovely woman and has a way with kids you wouldn't believe.She lives with her 92 year old mother and Louis her dog. Kate loved Louis. Very good dog. Hopefully we will visit again sometime and actually be able to use her pool. We didn't get a chance because believe it or not it was pretty chilly in Arizona while we were there. You think desert you think hot. Not right! Very different. I enjoyed Aunt Barb very much and hopefully we will visit again soon.

We also went to the Phoenix Zoo. Awesome place. The zoo gives you the illusion you are in Africa! Most of the animals are together in huge open areas. It seems like those safari places where the animals roam free and you are just passing by. The best part is the tour train. On hot days walking is not a good idea. So for 2 dollars you get a tour of the zoo. Kate loved it! She had a blast! The zoo was an all day thing as you can imagine!
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We went for a drive deep into the desert is what I would call it. Just wanted to see the open world. We saw a sign for a lake and decided to go find it. We drove for miles and found this big beautiful lake in the middle of the desert. I couldn't believe it. A lake in the middle of the desert. Lake Tonto!! It's seemed so surreal! A body of water just there!
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The rest of the time we spent it at there house! We were pretty exhausted after all the sight seeing. We took Kate to the communtiy center park to play,ride the train and feed the ducks.. Yeah they have the best community center with humongous parks,waterparks,train rides,gym,all kinds of classes and ponds. I fell in love with the place. I want to move there so bad. Kate loved the park and train ride. And only people who live in the community can go to it. So it isn't crowded and stuff. So family oriented and the people who built the place weren't cheap.. Here are a few pics of the place!

Here are some pics of Nana and Grandad's house! We had an awesome time and can't wait to do it again! Can't wait for Leo to go with us!!

Oh and one last picture! I went in to the hot tub the night we came back from the zoo. I loved it. I didn't want to get out. Best place in the whole house! I wish I had one!
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So I think I have pretty much covered the majority of the events.. If I missed a few I aapologize but I had a months worth to do. I promise to never go this long again. I am exhausted and it is almost 3am. Sorry guys this took so long. I hope it didn't take you guys as long to read it as long as it took me to write it. HAHA!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I am so sorry!

I am so sorry everyone but everytime I go to update my post something happens.. I will be on it this weekend.. Going through a some what a rough time right now with just shit that happens.. So I will update this blog this weekend.. I promise and I am so sorry to my loyal readers. To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!