Thursday, January 31, 2008

Catching Up

It's been a while but it has been hectic around here. Right after 3 wise men day Kate and I got really sick.. I was so sick it actually knocked me down. I haven't been this sick in about 10 years. It was horrible. It took me over a week to fully recover.. Kate was pretty bad also. She got nasty fevers and a really bad cough. It too her about 2 weeks to recover. After that I enrolled her in Gymnastics. She loved it. She will be going every Monday until June.She has gone 2 weeks now. Next Monday will be her 3rd week.. I am also having fun with her.. I laugh during the whole class watching all the kids do the exercises.. I am glad I was able to find something for her to be distracted.. After that I started looking for a place of my own and found one. (Long story behind that). I got a one bedroom in Pearland Tx right across the street from her gymnastics school.. I move in Feb.. Well last weekend I met up downtown with Leo's grandparents Nana and Grandad.. They were in town for a Mary Kay convention. So Kate and I stopped by their hotel for a visit.. We chatted for a while and then had dinner. We caught up on things since I had not seen them since our Disneyland trip in June..Kate and I will be flying out to Arizona soon to go visit them again. Can't wait for that.. My husband's Birthday was the after that. It was very depressing since he wasn't here for us to enjoy it with him. And for that matter he won't be here for the next one either.. We sent him out a care package for him to receive on his Birthday. It had candy,jelly bellies and some other goodies. Oh and a Star Wars Birthday card with the theme music. It was a funny card that said a long long time ago and then you open it and said you were born. He called that night and said that card made his day and laugh. I was so happy to hear that.. The rest of this week has pretty much been the same. I am just shopping around for stuff for my new apt and tomorrow I am taking my car to register it in the state of TX. I am going to be kinda of sad to see my Hawaii plates go. I move in next Friday. I was going to Killeen this weekend but the move postponed everything.. But it is for the best.. I will be going at the end of the month when I am settled.. Also in a week I can say 2 down 13 months to go.. Slowly but surely.. That deserves a whole nother blog...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Three Wise Men's Day!!

Today was a good day.. The weather was awesome. We were all able to wear shorts.. It's suppose to be nice and warm for at least a week.. Well last night I explained to Kate what today was.. I told her she had to put a shoe on the window sill for the 3 wise men to bring her gifts.. She put out 3 shoes.. 1 for her,1 for me and 1 for her papa.. I thought that was the most wonderful thing that she remembered her papa. The next morning she woke up and she had money in 1 shoe and a present underneath the other.. She was so excited!!!! She got a Dora present for her new v tech game system she got for Christmas.. After that we had a traditional Mexican soup that my mom makes.. I went to go pick up the cake. Well the correct name is ROSCA DE REYES (try and pronounce that) LOL!!! My mom made our version of Mexican hot chocolate called CHAMPURRADO!!! We each choose a piece of the cake and you have to open it before you eat it to make sure there is no baby in there. The reason for that is a couple of years back my dad tried to swallow one and almost choked. LOL!! So now we make everyone open there piece so there will be no cheating.. Now if you get a baby the way it goes you are suppose to throw a party FEB 2nd.. But life is so hectic and that day does not always fall on the weekend so we kind of made it our own.. The way we do it is if you get a baby you have to take everybody that participated to dinner.. This year I got a baby, my nephew Alex and so did Kate. So I have to take everybody out for dinner twice.. Luckily for me when I cut Leo's piece there was nothing in there.. If the cake is big enough we go for seconds and same rule applies.. It is really fun and good.. My mom's champurrado was the bomb.. This is Kate's first year doing this. She was very excited.. She loved the cake and was so excited she got a baby in her piece.. She still doesn't know how it works. LOL!!! Another one of our great traditons that I get to share with my daughter.. Hope she will pass on these traditions to her kids..

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well this is kind of late but Happy New Year everyone. Well New Years eve was good as it could get with out my hubby home. All though now I can say he will be home next year. We did our usual traditions. This might sound weird to everyone but this is what we do. We wear yellow underwear. We wear them backwards and at the stroke of midnight we change them to the correct way. My mom gives us 10 dollars in ones so we will have good luck with money all year. We each put a dollar in to a vase in the middle of the table for good luck. We also eat 12 grapes. Before you eat each grape you make a wish. Then come the hugs and the toast. This year Kate toasted with apple soda! I was very excited about that. She held her glass up and everything. By the way she also wore the yellow under wear. She stayed up until 12:30 like a trooper and then knocked out! We all stayed up until 3:30am drinking beer and listening to music. My mom made Fajitas,sausage,mexican ribs,pico de gallo,charro beans, and rice.(Jamie's favorite)! Oh she also made this really spicy salsa. It was nice to be home and do our traditions. I haven't been home for this since 2002! I still missed all my friends in Hawaii! I had them in my thoughts when the clock struck 12. All though it was only 8pm in Hawaii.. LOL!! Looking forward for tomorrow when we do our 3 wise men day cake. That's for another blog. I will let everyone know in another blog how we celebrate that day!