Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sad news today!

Well I recieved some sad news today! 2 years ago I was contacted about donating bone marrow.. Back when I was pregnant with Kate in 04 I went to the Nex to buy something.. Well I was stopped by a couple of Navy officers to donate some blood to see if I was a match for this little girl that had cancer! I donated the blood and recieved no call. After a couple of months I put it in the back of my head.. I believe it was Feb or Mar when I was woken up one morning to a phonecall from the dept of defense bone marrow program. They told me I was a match for a patient who needed bone marrow.. All they were able to tell me that the patient is female and 27 at the time.. SO after 100s of test and lots of blood later I was off to Washington DC to donate bone marrow! I actually donated May 8th of 2006. I was told after a year I would get like a progress update on her.. Well I really never recieved a whole lot of information from her or her family.. Today I recieved a phonecall from the program and was told she lost her battle with cancer.. My heart dropped and no words came out.. I never knew her or saw what she looked like but I guess she was always in the back of my head and I always wondered what happened to her.. Well I found out today at almost 2 year anniversary of when she recieved my bone marrow. I do feel bad that I wasn't able to save her but the man on the phone said you at least gave her an extra year that she didn't have.. Which made me feel a little better.This whole experience will be one I will never forget. It was somewhat painful but so very worth it. She recieved an extra year with her loved ones. Although it was some what painful I would do this again in a heartbeat..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jello Time!

Today started off really well! Theresa texted me that the guys had left the ugly place. Well they are in a bad place over all but they left the worst place they've been to so far.. I am really hoping and crossing my fingers that it will be the last; but I have to be realistic and be prepared for it not being the last.. He called me yesterday and we talked for about a minute.. I am just happy to hear he is back.. Hopefully I will get a call real soon! Didn't do to much today hit a couple of stores bought some stuff for Kate and my friends.. Kate and I haven't done a whole lot in the past week or so except gymnastics and parents survival night! I made an appointment Monday afternoon to go tour a school for Kate.. The school is across the street from my apt complex.. I might start off at 2 days a week because she is going to summer camp for a week in July and 2 in Aug! I also might decide to put her in after Aug! We shall see.. Well after we got home we decided to make blue jello.. We went to walmart yesterday and they didn't have any premade cups and for some reason that is the only jello she eats.. So I bought some to make.. She was super excited.. Lately being in the kitchen is the most awesome thing for her..
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Here are some pics of her making jello!
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My mom kept her for the night Saturday to give me a break for one whole day! My mom has a humongous front and backyard.. Winter is pretty much over so Saturday after we had lunch together she took Kate to walmart and decided for her to plant her very first plant! My mom gave her a bean that started off in a jar and once it opened or blossomed (don't know what the correct term for that is) it had to be planted. Kate was very excited.. I wasn't able to get pics of her actually helping my mom plant some of the plants my mom bought or hers. But I was able to get pics of Kate watering her bean plant!
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We shall see how big it gets!

Friday, April 11, 2008

4 months Down!!

We made it to 4 months.. We actually made it to 4 months on the 6th of this month.. I would rather not go into to much detail about making it to 4 months..It isn't the greatest month as my sanity has been put to test to many times.. And our deployments are going to stay the same.. We weren't included in the 15 to 12 months.. But we kind of already knew it.. We still hoped though.. Well Leo is ok.. I got a call from him today and couple of text messages this week.. So greatful for his cell phone.. We haven't done a whole lot.. I did pick up her piggy this week.. I recieved a what I would call an emergency box from my most awesome friend Jamie! The night my sanity was tested I called Jamie in a heart beat.. Well a couple of days later I got her box in the mail.. She put all my favorite stuff in it.. M&Ms with and withouot peanuts,oatmeal chocolate chip cookies,Lavender body wash and bubbles,Johnson's baby night time lotion which let me tell you works wonders on adults.. I didn't know that but she recommended that I used that since I was having trouble sleeping! OMG!!! I loved it.. I recommend it to everybody! She also put a note in there.. I have it on my cork board on my desk! I never realized we also as wives of deployed soldiers need care packages once in a while! I miss my hubby with all my heart and I am thankful for all the wonderful friends god helped me find! The box made me feel a whole lot better!!! Every friend should do that for each other.. My hubby is ok now but we will be tested again soon.. Preparing myself for that! Tonight I went to the gym and worked my but off. I came home and just started making care packages for my hubby and his guys.. I made like 5 boxes.. Making care packages keeps me distracted.. Kate went to gymnastics for a couple of hours.. I had a few hours to myself tonight.. That always comes in handy.. Tomorrow I am going to Olive Garden with my mom for lunch and catch up on my cleaning..
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Here are some pics of the finished piggy!
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Here we are at my mom's house! It was really hot that day! But the kids had a blast!
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

More distractions for us both!

I am finally somewhat ok. Theresa called and My hubby and everybody else are ok..!!!I can breathe for a sec.. He still hasn't called but I will take this for now. Thank god!!!!! So I am trying to keep us both as busy as possible.
Well I have been taking Kate to any place I find for her to do stuff! Right now she is in gymnastics. I found the bouncy place. She will also be going to camp this summer and if we can swimming lessons.. Well I found this place called firehouse pottery.. We had actually done this back in Hawaii.. Well I did it. We did some stuff for our family like coffee mugs and picture frames.. When we did it she was very little.. This time she is old enough to enjoy it. She picked out a piggy bank to paint.. Boy this isn't going to be your average piggy bank.. The colors she picked and how she painted it well lets just say it will be a unique bank.. Well she had a blast the only thing she had trouble with was understanding to wait a week to get it back.. They have to like cook it and put some kind of gloss around it.. So it will take 5 to 7 days.. She wanted to bring the piggy bank home so bad.. Other than that she loved it. It was nice to just sit there and watch her paint.. It was like quiet time for me.. This is my goal this summer is to find as much as she can handle to do... I think it helps both of us to pass the time..Stay tuned for the pics of the finished piggy bank..

Here is one pic of her painting!
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This is almost at the end.. Can you see all the pretty colors!
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Going crazy not knowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recieved a phonecall 2 nights ago from another wife and was told that our guys had engaged in hostile fire or firefights... I ' don't remember her exact words.. My heart dropped and I couldn't breathe..Couple of guys from another platoon were injured and couple of strykers sustained damage.. I am going insane not knowing how my husband is doing.. I know Sunday night he was ok and I haven't heard anything since.. My friend Jamie tells me no news is good news and that is what I keep thinking.. After I hung up with Theresa I called Jamie and just let it all out.. I know it was hard for her to comfort me cuz really what can you say! But she did an awesome job of making me feel better and talking about other subjects..I had a drink to calm my nerves.. I didn't get any sleep that night.. Yesterday I tried to keep as busy as possible to keep my mind going.. I took Kate to gymnastics and that was a good distraction.. Last night I was able to sleep more but still tossed and turned all freaking night.. Today my mom is taking off work and taking me shopping and to lunch.. And if the weather holds I will be going back to her house to dye her hair.. That will take care of today!!! Still waitng for my hubby to call to let me know he is ok.. I want to hear it from his mouth. I am going insane just thinking about it!!!!!!!!!