Saturday, March 29, 2008

Somewhat of a lazy day!

Well today was a very cloudy day! Kate and I didn't do a whole lot today.. But I decided to make homemade play dough! My mom gave me this recipe that she got from a friend a long time ago. Kate loved that we got to use messy stuff like flour and salt oil and other stuff.. We were suppose to make blue.. I really don't think it looks blue it looks more like teal..LOL.. We also attempted orange and that one came out better.. Well at the end the kitchen was a disaster. I forgot to take a pic for those of you who think I am clean freak to believe me. I had flour on the floor and Kate decided to put water on the already done dough! After it was all done I was like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This ended around 5:30 pm and my friend Lillian was coming over to go to dinner and drinks. Well I did my magic and got it done by 8.. I had to call her and delay an hour. Well we went to Chilis which I thought was funny cuz my friends back in Hawaii were doing parents night out and they were also going to Chilis.. LOL!!! We did dinner and then came back to my place to chat and catch up! It was nice talking to another adult.. Tomorrow it's family day at my mom's house. Well if it doesn't rain.. So we shall see.. Here are some pics of the homemade crap! LOL!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bounce on it!!!!

Today was a normal day! I recieve magazines in my mail about my area all the time. My area is fairly new and I don't know it to much. So I went exploring past my street. Well I found a few things. First of all I found a post office about 5min from my house. All this time I have been using the one by my mom's house. Next I found Picasso's Place it is an art studio for kids. They offer childcare!!!! And the last thing I found because I didn't go that far from my house is Bounce on it!!! I had already heard about places like this but never seen them.. Well I saw it. It is a large humongous room with tons of bouncers in it. It must of had like 10 or more.. It is only for 12 and under which it great for my little one. It only cost 5 dollars for Kate to get in. They go by age on price. So you can be there from open to close and only pay 5 bucks. Take that Chuck E Cheese. LOL!!! Kate had a blast. She jumped and got on the slides and just ran every where. WHen we have our rainy days this will be the place I am taking Kate.. I really am missing Hawaii but at the same time I am glad to be doing different stuff.. Stuff like this you don't find over there.. I found another bouncing place right acroos the street from my house.. Jump n Jungle is the name of that one.. It looks like I will have alot to choose from for Kate's Birthday..

Monday, March 24, 2008

28 already!!!!

So I turned 28 today!! Not a great reminder on getting closer to 30.. Well the day started off with a wake up phone call from my mother.. She does it every year.. She wanted to take me out to lunch and drinks.. My hubby called around 12:30 pm for a quick wishing me a Happy Birthday!! Made my whole day.. My best friend jamie tried to find him at walmart but had no luck.. LOL!! Hey she tried.. Well talk to my hubby for about 3 min.. Kate and I left to mom's house.. My mom took me out to Joe's Crabshack.. Love the seafood place.. They have a playground which allows us to hang out longer.. I had a white russian... As some of you may know (Jamie) that is my favorite drink.. I had a shrimp platter and Kate had pizza and fries.. Delicious.. My brother told our waiter today was my b-day.. So they came out and sang to me.. Pretty cool. When we got home my dad had a cake waiting for me.. Yummy! The best part is yet to come but I didn't know this.. When I get home and check my mail I had 3 boxes waiting for me.. My hubby sent me a 24 kt red rose with a card that said. I love you not only for who you are but for who I am when I am with you.. AHHHHH! The rose is so beautiful. He said he chose this one so it would last me forever.. He scored triple points for this.. LOL!!! He also sent a box to Kate with an ACU top for her and my nephew.. He had the ACU tops done exactly like his.. He also sent Kate the Alvin and the chipmunk movie and a Dora ACU backpack.. She loved everything..A reminder of how wonderful my husband is. I miss him so much everyday. The 3rd box had goodies from my friend Jamie back in Hawaii. She also scored brownie points for this.. I will be doing some major babysitting when I get back.. Inside the box was a I love my soldier shirt,a 4 pk of my favorite drink white russians,a frame with our street on it and a pic of the house I left behind,a Hawaii magnet,singing birthday card,a copy of the Army times,chewies for Junior and a princess puzzle for Kate.. She went above and beyond for me today!!! She is awesome.. What a perfect way to end my b-day.. I was so happy I had tears on my eyes.. I am enjoying a drink as I sit here and write this.. Thanks Jamie!!!!!!! I took Kate to flip school... This is one birthday I will have with me forever.. The only thing missing was my hubby but maybe next time they will have him at walmart.. Thanks to everyone who helped make this day a special one..
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Easter and all before that!

Well it's been a long time.. If I remember I left off on moving in.. Well I did.. I went and got furniture from Ikea! I love that store but the only thing is you have to build everything your self.. Major pain in the ass.. But I had a blast shopping.. Well I am settled in.. I am just buying little stuff here and there as I go.. Don't want to buy to much.. But enough to make it my home for now.. A week after i moved in Valentine's day was knocking at mt door.. I got pictures and a card from my hubby.. Kate got a cinderella outfit. My mom took me to Bennigan's.. We had a delicious appetizer that consist of quesadillas, southwest eggrolls, potato skins..(yummy) I also had a drink.. An Irish Bulldog.. So good!!! I had a chicken and cheese plate w mushrooms.. Last but not least we had dessert.. This fried brownie thing that was so incredibly delicious.. It must of had enough calories for a week but my hubby isn't home.. Very good food.. After that we came home and just relaxed.. After Valentine's day not to much happened.. My friend Lillian has been coming over here and there.. We hang out and have drinks at my place.. March started as good as it could.. We made it to number 3 of the deployment.. He has been gone for 3 months now.. 12 to go.. It sound like a lot but the time is going by so fast.. Well not fast enough but it's going?. Although I will say all the drama that came with March made it go by just a little bit faster.. Drama not a good thing when our hubbies are deployed but some stupid people don't care.. Stupid immature freak out about everything stupid walkaholic people.. But that is not my story to tell.. Although I was kinda of involved in it.. But those people will get theres.. We started Spring Break.. I was out all week.. We went to the Zoo, Museum of natural Science, Johnson Space Center and the Downtown Aquarium.. We had a blast.. Kate was loving it.. That weekend I just came home and fell on the bed like in the movies.. LOL!! Exhausted.. But the week went by pretty fast.. I am glad we did all those things.. Kate was in heaven.. Well then with a blink of an eye came Easter.. Now we do Easter a little different.. Friday night Kate and I decorated eggs.. She loves doing that and she did a great job.. Saturday morning we filled them up with confetti and covered them.. We don't do your traditional hard boiled eggs. My mom did it like this every year.. We fill the eggs up with confetti we hide them then find them and then we break them on each others head..We will get crazy sometimes and put flour in them.. Very messy but so much fun.. I did it this way in 06 with a couple of friends back in Hawaii and they loved.. We also don't make the traditional ham.. We make Fajitas,sausage,charro beans,rice,pico de gallo, guacamole sauce and salsa.. That is our traditional food for Easter for us.. My mom make this mexican bread pudding type called capirotada.. It is pretty much toasted french bread with pilloncillo sauce, raisins , bananas and some other things.. It is so good.. We hung out with family and friends.. Kate had a blast cracking eggs on everybody's head.. My nephew Brandon didn't like it so much. Would scream if you came near him with an egg.. After we hung out in the backyard and had beers.. Kate and I came home took a shower to get confetti out of our hair and went to bed.. Well today is my birthday and it just started but by the end today it will need it's own blog..