Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kate's Birthday Party!

Today was Kate's Birtday Party!

This was one of the few parties I can say we were out numbered by adults! That rarely happens in our military life! LOL! Kate's actual birthday was on the 5th of this month! I was waiting for my hubby to come home this month to celebrate with him. Unfortunately he was delayed till September. I hated the thought of not having him here but it also wasn't fair for Kate to wait for it as well. Most of my family was on summer break so it worked out pretty well for today! Kate's theme this year was The Little Mermaid! We didn't have that many people but the kids were out numbered by adults today! We all had a great time especially Kate. We had brisket,mashed potatoes,red rice,and beans! yummy!!! We had a pinata and pin the flowers on Ariel's head game! We all had a turn hitting the pinata. Yes even me! my mom and uncle made me do it! LOL! I took lots of pics but I managed to forget a group pic. To much going on! Over all it was an awesome party. Would have been much better if Papa was here. But we will make up for it next year! I am exhausted and my mom did all the cooking and cleaning! LOL! I still can't believe my baby is 4 now! How time flies by!

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Jamie said...

i wish we could've been there. it looks like it was a blast.